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Carlos Garcia February 28, 2023 0 Comments

Incorporating a social intranet can be a valuable solution to enhance collaboration and productivity within your business organisation. However, to maximise the benefits of your intranet, it is crucial to consider specific critical features. This article will highlight the essential intranet features that you should look for to ensure optimal functionality.

Before diving into the details, you may be curious about the definition of an intranet. In essence, an intranet refers to a confidential network operating within an organisation that enables secure sharing of company-related data amongst its employees. It should be noted that an intranet is distinct from the term internet, which is open to the public.

Fundamental intranet features

To ensure effective communication and access to critical information, there are several must-have features that every business should consider for their intranet. These features will enable team members to stay in sync and retrieve important data promptly.


  • Employee portal – An employee portal typically includes essential components such as the employee directory, company policies, benefits information, continuous learning resources, a personal profile, payroll information, and occasionally, a section for social interactions. This platform serves as a convenient hub for accessing relevant information, keeping employees informed of their status, procedures, and policies within the organisation.
  • Employee directory – The directory of employees in an organisation is a valuable intranet feature that allows access to contact information such as names, job titles, email addresses, and phone numbers of all personnel. This feature not only assists office employees in finding relevant information but also benefits new hires who are not familiar with the organisation’s various departments and remote employees who cannot easily walk around the office.
  • News feed – Having a company news feed ensures that all employees can stay informed about important company updates, news, and events at all times. External news sources can also be shared through the feed to keep everyone up-to-date on things like compliance and other changes that could impact company policies.
  • Document management – Document management is a highly beneficial intranet feature for any company as it allows employees to easily share and manage documents. Many intranets also offer simultaneous editing, making it simpler than ever to work together on critical documents and projects. With document management, employees have the option to upload their documents to a central repository that can be accessed later by the uploader and other employees within the organisation. This makes it convenient to locate and retrieve important information whenever necessary.
  • Task management – Each employee in a company has their own set of tasks to complete. Some prefer to keep track of them on a computer, while others write them down on paper. But, what if employees could access a centralised platform to view their assigned tasks and mark them as completed? This not only minimises the risk of tasks being overlooked but also provides managers with a better understanding of everyone’s progress and enables them to adjust task assignments if necessary.
  • Calendar – Using an intranet calendar gives an extra level of organisation when it comes to keeping up with appointments, meetings, and events. Moreover, if your company already uses a robust calendar management system like Microsoft Calendar or Outlook, many intranet systems integrate with them already to avoid having to do a manual migration to a new calendar management system.
  • Mobile accessibility – In today’s era, mobile accessibility is crucial for businesses that are engaged in remote work opportunities or have employees who frequently travel. It allows employees to access company information from any location, regardless of their physical location.


Selecting the appropriate intranet features that will benefit your business can be a challenging task, requiring thorough research and knowledge of what to look for before making a purchase decision. However, the investment is worthwhile. You will have a unified system for accessing, sharing, and managing information that will save you both time and money.

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